Thursday, 11 July 2013

Late night thinking

Do you ever stay awake at night and re run incidents , events , conversations , moments in your head ? That's what I was doing right before I wrote this post , it was moments from the past that I will never forget and will never experience those kind again. 

These moments in our heads might be days we would like to relive again or maybe your thinking about something you should have said in the middle of that conversation or simply just taking a totally different perspective of how your life is going ; college, boyfriends,girlfriends,family,work and so on . 

The majority of people that stay awake at night thinking are the ones that have something bothering them like me . People that had a brilliant day might look back on the last few hours , smile and close their eyes  because their day was full of success and happiness . 

If your wide awake one night with something bothering you stop and think about that whole day you lived . It might have been the shitest day of your life , but the positive thing you can take from it is that you are still here and alive and they are the best days you will ever get . There's a reason to smile :) sleep tight  guys x  

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  1. Kayla you're a huge inspiration! I love your blog and this post is so well written and exactly what I needed :) Thank you ♥