Saturday, 20 July 2013

10 steps to get over a guy

Before I tell you how to get over a guy in 10 steps I would like to point out that these are not all the steps I had to go through . Some of these steps I advise you to do will be from my experience but as well experiences I have heard worked in the past . 

Right these are 10 ( easier said than done ) steps that will help you get over that boy. 

1. Number one is DO NOT. Do not get all dramatic , given yourself sympathy , lying in bed crying listening to Taylor Swift . That is not the way forward .That is one of the worst things you can do your only breaking yourself more and feeling sorry for yourself . Do you think he's at home crying in bed listening to Bruno mars ? No he's not .

2.Get Active !! If you never exercise start now ! Going for a run every evening with motivational music bursting through your headphones is a great way to boost your confidence and feel better for yourself . Exercise takes your mind off everything around you it's a time to focus on yourself and your body . If you sit at home on the couch watching tv you are going to get depressed everything will be scattered in your head , it's not good and you probably won't sleep well cause you will have something bothering you .But if you Exercise you come home feeling so good about yourself and you will fall asleep the minute you hit the pillow and wake up fresh as a daisy with a care free mind .

3.Surround yourself with your best friends. Your friends are guaranteed to put a smile on your face .Having fun with your friends makes you realise life gets so much better and everything will be okay . This is a very important step . Your friends will be there for you but don't depress them with your sad stories . Show them you are fine right now and mean it . They will be proud .

4. DO NOT go out with the girls on a night out and make it a goal to get with as many lads possible just because you can now . That is the worst thing you can  do , it won't look good and I promise you you will not feel good afterwards . When your going out with the girls you go out with the girls and that's it . You are out to be free and stupid with your friends not out to get a name for yourself for stupid mistakes . 

5.Start some new activities . Find new hobbies and work on them until you are a pro !Make it a goal. This will help you focus on yourself and what you want in life . Helps you find who you are 

6. Be cocky . Everyone is entitled to be a little bit cocky . Do your make up buy new clothes ! This will boost your confidence and make you realise you are better off without him . You will feel good about yourself .

7. The day will come when you see him with another girl. If you pass this step  You are WINNING !!! This is the hardest step out of them all because your watching someone take your position . It will hurt but the best way to handle it is to think about how much happier you can be and how much you have achieved without him. Be happy for him and be proud of yourself . If you don't take this step like a breeze (Which I don't expect anyone to ) do not cave ! Just because you feel a little weak doesn't mean you failed and have to go back to step one it just means you have been so strong for so long . If you get through this step you are flying .

8. When you are ready for a new lad in your life do not down grade from what you had or you will be miserable ! Make sure he treats you the way you've never been treated before and makes you feel good about yourself . If this fella doesn't then don't waist your time going through the same shit again . We're not getting any younger . don't have to throw out everything you have that reminds you off the boy . Your not in a movie so stop making things dramatic . If some little things do upset you put then into a bag and put it away somewhere you usually don't look and take it as a memory to look back on . 
10. The most important step out of then all is number ten ! You have to remember all this takes TIME . It will not happen over night , a week , a month . When you are over him you will know but don't give up and break down because its taking a long time to work . Everything takes time

I hope people find this useful if they are going through a hard time but at the same time I hope not a lot of people need to read this cause its a hard process but you will come out stronger in the end . Thanks for reading this it won't apply to everyone but I hope you still like it :) x

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