Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Just wait

Do we girls these days have to go through a certain amount of pain to find our prince ? We never hear of love at first sight anymore ,why is that? Are boys just not gentleman anymore or are we just too picky with all men ?

Most girls are looking for those men in movies that arrive at their door early in the morning , surprise her with small gifts , be proud of her and show her off whenever he gets the chance . Maybe the notebook , The Vow , A Walk to remember all those chick flicks are just made to make money off girls who crave  that kind of relationship .Some girls settle for a man when he shows a bit of affection. We all do it .We fall for a guy who calls you beautiful when you have no make up on just because we think its so hard to find a lad who will say that to you and mean it .Make sure 100% he treats you the exact way you should be treated and don't settle for anything less .

Looking at the likes of Cheryl cole or Michelle Keegan the two most beautiful girls in the world , they were cheated on . Which is crazy! If the most gorgeous girls in the world can't be respected by people they love ,what hope do the rest of us have. Although after being through the humiliation and heart break I've observed how much happier the girls are now in their new relationships . From the looks of things they are being treated the way they should be , like princesses . My point in this little article is ;do we have to go through a heartbreak before we realise who is really good for us ? We learn from our mistakes and have no regrets . 

I've recently came out of a long term relationship , I don't regret a single moment because I've learned from it all and had an amazing few years with him .Nothing but positive things can come out of a break up .If you haven't found your perfect man yet don't worry he's out there  .
Everything happens for a reason 

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