Sunday, 14 July 2013

My favourite hair products

Is your hair hard to brush , dry, split ?? These products i mention below ,are the best products I have ever used for my hair ! 

Revlon equave .
I bought the set of revlon equave for blondes for only 9.95! In the set there is a shampoo Detangler and purple spray Detangler which keeps those brassy orange tones away from bleach in your hair !  There is nothing worse than getting bleach in your hair and in a few weeks later it turns orangey! 

These two products have made my hair so soft and healthy looking . I've noticed a huge difference from using Pantene to Revlon . I highly recommend this set for blondes because our hair can be so dry and unhealthy at times with the bleach this totally repairs it all! 

This set can also be bought for brunettes and other shades for the same price . It keeps your hair rich and healthy looking.

When I went on Holidays I bought the revlon sun protection spray . I sprayed it in my hair twice a day and it kept my hair protected from 32 degrees . It also kept it so soft and non greasy . With the weather now it would very handy to have .

Joico shampoos 
The best shampoo for keeping your hair the same colour as you left the hairdressers with is the joico shampoo . It looks like you've got your hair done every time you use it . It's absolutely brilliant ! It saves you getting your hair coloured every few months .This shampoo helps bright the colour of your hair .
 All these products can be purchased in most hairdressing suppliers or most hair salons . 

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