Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Will boys ever be satisfied

I sometimes wonder what does be going through a lads head when it comes to finding the perfect girl .
We are given the Impression that boys want a girl with big boobs , a big bum,a flat tummy ,Perfect hair , clear skin , Tanned , long legs,glowing eyes .. the list could go on and on.
Do they think we are fucking magic ? We cant all be those things it doesnt matter how much we try by putting on sally Hanson / coco brown , Putting in hair extensions ,Wearing high heels , covering our freckles on our faces with foundation ..All girls do this to be in competition with each other .
We all know we're not perfect so we try our hardest to look like that "Perfect" Image guys want.
But if you stand back and think about it for a second , lads never know what they want .
Listen to this ...

 "I want a girl that has an arse Like Iggy Azalea 

"I want a girl that has an arse like Ariana Grande"

"I want a girl who has a boobs like Hellen Flanagan "
"I want a girl who has boobs like Rihanna"

"I want a girl who has a a thigh gap"
"I want a 
girl with toned thighs"

  "I love a girl who is all natural looking"
                                                 "Shes class with make up on"


                                                "I love a girl who is half cast"                                    "Shes so pale"

                                               "She too Rock chick"                                              "shes too girly"

                " she looks like a boy with short hair"
                       " I would"

       "the body on her "
  "I love a girl whos curvy"

What im basically saying is at a young age boys dont know what they want , well the majority of them . Very little are looking for something unique.I Might just wait a while until I grow up a bit to go searching for a man because they will never be satisfied at this age no matter how much effort you put in.
You can try and try again but why waist your time doing that.Trust me its not worth it.Stop chasing and be chased!

I read a quote today in Heat magazine from Vicky Pattison that really stood out to me .
"You see these Victoria Secret models and girls from Made in Chelsea in bikinis and they're so skinny and gorgeous and made up, but that's not normal.Its not sustainable.If you want to live life to the fullest, you've got to go out and get drunk sometimes "

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