Monday, 6 May 2013

My Make up for a night out.

One of my favorite parts about going out , apart from dancing and having a few drinks with the girls is doing my make up .My first post i'm going to be writing on my blog is the cosmetics and brushes i use when doing my make up because i've been getting a good few tweets about what make up i use.I don't spend a lot of money on my make up the most i'd spend would be on the foundation because that is my most important product ,i think .Throughout this Post i will Comment on where you can get these products and their prices.Now lets get started..

To Start my make up off i apply some "Pore Fessional from Benefit" onto troubled areas.Blend with fingertips ,this is a brilliant product for anyone who has noticeable pores or blemishes it can also be used as a primer .You can put this on before or after you put on your foundation but i find it works better before.

Brown Thomas €23.00

A a concealer i use "Catrice Camouflage cream " It has a lovely texture to it and blends to your skin well.If you have a few blemishes like me i recommend to use this as well as the "Pore Fessional". This Camouflage cream can be used on its own on a "Tracksuit day" if you just want to cover  irregularities of the skin.
Any Cosmetic Shop often Found in Penneys
Only €2.99

Boots €8 
Now to the foundation when im going out it use "MAC studio fix fluid " but i find it to heavy on a average day so i use "Rimmel Match Perfection" . I apply my Foundation Using the "Technique Stippling brush" .I use it because its a small brush so it can work on specific areas that bigger brushes cant eg. sides of your nose around your eyes .All technique brushes are amazing i recommend them to anyone looking to buy make up brushes!!!

If you have money to throw away on make up make sure to snatch up one of these "Bare Mineral " Sets they are amazing!!
This set is suitable for any skin tone .You can mix the powders to get your tone.These Powders give you such a airbrush ,Camera ready look .Ive been using this set for 5 months now and i still have plenty left.I use the Dark powder in this set for my bronzer i apply with the bronzer brush (comes with set) on to my cheek bones and a small bit on my temples to make my face look more narrow .I Absolutely love bronzing and contouring ! If you've never contoured or used bronzer/blusher start using it now !! It makes a difference.

Most Chemists €32
Debenhams €58

boots €2.99
Now to the eyes ..
Debehams €40
Every single time i go out i cant help but use my "Naked eye Pallete" .

When i applied the eye shadow to my eyes i use "Essence liquid eyeliner" to make my eyes look for extended and big

My favorite mascara of all time is the "Loreal voluminous million lashes " i've always used this mascara since it came out .Its great for separating your lashes and making them look fuller and longer .Out of all the mascaras i have used this one does not clump .

These are the cosmetics i use everytime i go out .Its a bit of a routine now . Hope everybody got some tips and might look in to buying some of these products .You cant go wrong with them.
My make up on a night out .

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  1. I love the naked palette as well! what shadows from the palette do you use?

  2. Hiya :) for the base i use the virgin white colour for all over the eye .Then i use the Smog and Dark horse colour on the corner of the eye and work your way inwards but dont cover the whole eye in the dark colour leave the inside of the eye white so your eyes look big :) thanks for your comment :)

  3. Kayla love your blog and sharing your beauty secrets! I've been using Bare Minerals now for 2 years and love how it makes my skin look (flawless). And believe me my skin is far from perfect. But I will attest that Bare Minerals is a personal best for me! Thanks again for your tips! xoxo