Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gossip of the month 1

The Saturdays third baby bump!!

Following in the footsteps of Una (with little Aoife belle) and Rochelle (currently due ) a third member of The Saturdays, Frankie announced her pregnancy last week .After recently just getting engaged to Wayne Bridge Frankie says shes " so happy" with her life right now .From Watching"Chasing the Saturdays" i'm beginning to love Frankie Sandford .She was given a bad reputation from dumping, Mcfly member Dougie Poynter ,a few years ago when he struggled with depression , drink and drugs , but Frankie is just an everyday average girl who is also battling with depression and speaking out loud about it in " Minds"  .Frankie and the rest of the girls support each other 100% and are all like sisters to one another . With Humes baby due any day now the girls are so excited to welcome a new Saturday into the world.The sexy five piece are releasing their new track " Gentlemen" on the 30th of June, which i'm so excited for as well as the second season of "Chasing the Saturdays " After Getting to No.1 in America with " What about us" i'm at the edge of my seat waiting to see what else these girls have to offer!!

Why will lads stop watching corrie?

After six years of playing "Tina McIyntre" in Corrie ,Michelle Keegan decides to leave ." It was the right time for me to take the next step" the 25 year old said ." I will miss Tina and will always be grateful to ITV and Coronation Street for giving me such a amazing role" .Even though Michelle was voted the sexiest woman in Soap opera , she fails to be egotistical or in love with herself which makes every girl (as well as men ) love her because we can relate to her, as she believes she has flaws . After being Heartbroken last year by cheater,Ex fiancé, Band member of boyband The Wanted,  Max George she found her feet very quickly by dating Hunk Mark Wright.In pictures published in magazines, Michelle seems to be much happier and treated much better in her new relationship .Delighted for her !! Even when Michelle accidentally Uploaded a picture of her "bits" onto Instagram instead of sending it to her boyfriend,She brushed it of easily and ignored any sly comments said about her on twitter or articles on the newspaper .She replied to a tweet from a random boy saying "real mature" when he was sneering her .SO WHAT!!! she was surprise to send it to her boyfriend ! no need for sly remarks .Even Max George indirectly tweeted about her saying " Someone has mad a tit of themselves " , now i'm not amazing at noticing jealousy but i can imagine he is dying inside with jealousy because he no longer able to go near her amazing toned bronzed body.Michelle Keegan has definitely got a big future .She is also one of my biggest style icons her clothes are as gorgeous as she is.


Cake cake cake cake cake

Rihanna is one of few stars this Month who celebrated US weed day.Raunchy Riri has always had a mind of her own and never let any bad comments get to her .She wears ,says and does the hottest stuff.If she had to but a title on herself it would be " Good girl gone bad " .Rihanna is going down hill.I used to be absolutely in love with Rihanna two years ago until she lost respect for her self in any way she can.She is my favourite style icon of all time .When i heard she was going to be the face of RiverIsland i was buzzing! She is fond of tweeting pics of herself stoned , smoking , or naked but regardless of that i look up to her fashion wise .Fingers crossed she wont be a washed up celeb or end up like Whitney Houston  ! 

The Tide is in

I haven't got much to say about this topic it basically speaks for itself , but do most celebs that are pregnant not look so elegant like Kate Middleton ,Rochelle Humes, Coleen Rooney ? I don't want to be mean but i just laugh when i see Kim Kardashian its ridiculous! Her arse is the same size as her bump .Its time to throw away the bodycon dresses KK!!!                        

Biebs has to be told more than"One time"

Two hours late for a concert in Dubai ,Breaks law by bringing monkey on plane ,Lashes out at rude camera man,spits in neighbors face , his need for speed ,Tattooing without a licence and a police officer smells marijuana coming from biebs tour bus ,this rise to fame from a young age star has got himself in a bit of a pickle.  If the heart throb star doesn't realise hes going "overboard" soon he just might begin to lose his fans all around the world .His ex girlfriend Selena Gomez left him a while ago , no one knows why but it might be because of his immature behavior.Although a few days ago a picture emerged on instagram of Selena holding JB from behind , which was later deleted that day by Justin himself .Being Justin Biebers ex girlfriend is not benefiting Selena with her new single  " Come and get it " its a huge fail if you ask for me . I don't see the young girls talent at all, maybe i'm deaf and blind i dont know ,but shes making a mess of herself aswell as justin going from Disney Princess in Wizards of Waverly place to a hyper- sexualised starlet in the 2013 movie Spring Breakers.Tim Mcgraw the master of crossover duets , says he would rather duet with the biggest boy band in the world , who other than One Direction , rather than Justin Bieber . Get yourself back out their BIEBS!!


Is it Break up season ?

Poor Loki is going through a hard time trying to pick which direction to go in, Daneilles or Liams?
It was reported at the start of the week that Liam Payne ,from the hottest band right now "One Direction" and Gorgeous back up Dancer Danielle Peazer have made a decision to have a mutual split .The Couple met in 2010 at the X-Factor when Liam was put into a , little did we know , very successful boyband .It was rumored they split last September too but these two just can not be separated from each other , well until now ? maybe :/?.Liam brings Danielle to as many places as he can with him , but Danielle too is a very busy girl being a professional dancer and part time model but the two made it work up till now . Liam brought the dancer to his biggest gig of his career which shows a lot on his part . I've never met Liam but from what i heard he sounds like such a sound lad and very respectable gentleman .The lads are now on tour after finishing a concert in Stockolm last night.The lads seem to be chillaxing today .As well as Liam two of his bandmates are in relationships Zayn malik is with the beautiful Perrie edwards and Louis Tomlinson with Eleanor Calder. Keeping in contact must not be easy for these guys but they make it work ,While Niall Horan and Harry Styles like the single life:) I cant see Liam and Danielle separating for long . When their careers calm down they will surely reunite <3

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  1. I totally agree with all that you are saying. I agree with Kim K looking not flattering being pregnant in the front and the back. I agree with Selena being talentless and Bieber being immature and over the top. And I agree with what you said about Liam and Danielle getting back together I believe they are only apart because of their busy schedules. This is well written and well presented. Can't wait for more. :)(@zaintomlinson on Twitter)

  2. absolutely in love with your blog!!!